In our camp in Peru we welcome people in need of healing – physically, psychologically as well as spiritually. Through the help of a diet with plant medicine, deep introspection and shamanic work it is possible to address and cure even serious illness and psychological trauma.

During a retreat in our centre in Peru the patient will be housed in a tambo – a simple hut in the jungle garden. A strict diet of a special kind of fish, vegetables, rice and banana is followed. Through this the body has the chance to detoxify as well as regenerate and open up to deep cleansing and healing through plant medicine. The mother of all plants – the Ayahuasca brew is the main medicine that is administered, however different other potions with Amazonian healing plants for specific ailments are also prescribed, depending on each patients individual needs. A crucial part of the healing process is time spend in quiet, solitude and introspection. This way the underlying spiritual cause of the illness can come to light and be transformed in the light of consciousness. Through the help of Maestro Mukanranko as well as his experienced apprentices; who create a link between the ancient wisdom of the Shipibo tradition and the westerner’s needs.