Roger Bardales Romaina - Mukan Ranko

Roger Bardales comes from the peruvian amazonia region of the Ucayali river. He is the heir of a long family lineage of shamans and healers of the indigenous Shipibo – Conibo people.

At the age of five he was first initiated through is great-grandfather as the bearer of the healing tradition into the world of shamanism. Later he continued his apprenticeship to become a maestro of Amazonian plant medicine under the supervision of his grandfather.

Thus he spent the majority of his youth alone in the jungle of the Ucayali area, connecting to the spirits of the forest and water, receiving their immediate wisdom and power. The plant spirits chose for Roger the name “Mukan Ranko” and opened his consciousness to a transcendental view of existence.

After more than ten years of intense and immersed learning in the jungle Roger came back to the urban areas, where he was able to support many healing processes through the help of the plant spirits and his deeply rooted belief – changing many peoples’ lives.

His shamanic work encompasses the use of the many different healing plants and medicines in traditional diets and ceremonies. Through these he cleanses, heals but also provides a connection to the spiritual realms. The main medium for doing so is the singing of so called “Ikaros” – holy songs, for which the Shipibo shamans and culture is renowned.

Today Roger lives in his camp on the edge of Pucallpa, where he is training for several year his apprentices. Since five years a family of students from different parts of Europe formed around him which carries the knowledge of the Amazonas into the western world. He too comes regularly to tour through Europe.

Due to the growing immersion of the Shipibo culture into the civilisation is the interconnectedness with the natural world and ancient wisdom of the jungle disappearing gradually. All the more it is a great gift when representatives of this primal cultural heritage share their spiritual treasures. Especially in today’s modern world it is substantial for westerners to relearn how to come back to our roots, vitality and natural health.

IRAKE (thank you in the Shipibo language)


Amazonian Healing Retreat with Maestro Mukan Ranko

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Four weeks of intense healing and transformation with the aid of Maestro Mukan Ranko and his students. 

The retreat includes an personalized plant diet, ceremonies, floral baths and shamanic guidance.

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